God, No! - Penn Jillette

God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales - Penn Jillette

I enjoyed this book. I pretty much knew that I would as soon as I picked this one up. I’ve been a Penn Jillette fan for almost ten years thanks to P&T: Bullsh*t! Like other reviewers have stated before, this book isn’t totally about atheism. It’s mentioned throughout, but it isn’t what the title would have you believe. It’s more like a collection of stories from Penn’s life. Some of them are funny, some of them are sad, some of them are touching, and some of them leave you scratching your head. Like the random Bruce Springsteen chapter….Penn writes like he speaks – loud, unapologetic, and a bit rant-y at times. I could totally see how this would put some people off. (Especially those who only have not seen our hero in Bullsh*t or Penn Point.) He doesn’t use flowery language to talk about the moment he realized he was an atheist or the time he ate a bacon cheeseburger with a Hassidic Jew. He’s honest in his telling – using special four letter words and detailed accounts of sexy times. He also manages to sneak a few other little nuggets of surprise in, which will surely offend some.What I really and truly liked about this book wasn’t the stories (although some of them are pretty freakin’ awesome). It was that as I read the words off the page, I could hear Penn’s voice saying those words. Loud and clear. Now, this could be because that I’ve heard him discuss a majority of these topics in great length several times over the past ten years. But, I’d like to think it’s because of the way he writes.All in all, I enjoyed this one.