Hello there!


My name is Nata and I'm new around here. I've always wanted to have a book blog and this seems like the place to do it.


I thought I'd share some fun literary facts about me for my first post. You know, just so we could get a little bit more acquainted. Here we go...


25 Bookish Things About Me! (Originally a tag from Kate's Book Club)

1) I have not read any of the Harry Potter books. I know, I know. I plan to fix that soon.


2) In middle school, I was obsessed with V.C. Andrews. I read her books religiously and still have all them.


3) Some of my favorite authors are Flannery O'Connor, John Green, and Oscar Wilde. 


4) If I could be any female character in a book, I'd be Eloise. She's rawther fantastic.


5) I enjoy non-fiction - "The truth is rarely plain and never simple." :c)


6) I love it when I end up liking a book I thought I would hate. "Home" by Julie Andrews is great example.


7) I would like to read a James Patterson or Nora Roberts novel just to see why they are so popular.


8) I'm crazy for memoirs! I simply cannot get enough of them.


9) I learned to read using the "Little House" books. Naturally, I still have a soft spot for Laura Ingalls Wilder.


10) I did not care for "Life of Pi". I found it a little bit on the pretentious side. I was able to finish it, though...


11) Unlike "Eat, Pray, Love". I tried really hard to get through it, but I had to put it down after the first third.


12) My guilty pleasure read is "Where the Heart Is" by Billie Letts.


13) I'm a sucker for retellings of Shakespeare's plays.


14) My two favorite chapter books growing up were "The Doll in the Garden" by Mary Downing Hall and "Belle Prater's Boy" by Ruth White.


15) I thought "Looking for Alaska" was better than "The Fault in Our Stars".


16) Eventually, I'd love to open my own bookstore - complete with bookstore cat and tea bar.


17) One of my favorite English projects was making a scrapbook/picture book of Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles". I earned an A+.


18) As I have gotten older, my relationship with several novels has changed. I'm looking at you "Lolita"...


19) In middle school I went through a "dog-ear" bookmark phase. I grew out of it. Thank goodness.


20) Some of my favorite topics to read about are ghosts, early Hollywood, vaudeville, the Northern Renaissance, and criticism on Shakespeare.


21) While I'm not a big fan of poetry, I'm kind of in love with Percy Bysshe Shelley.


22) In addition to novels, I read a lot of plays. A. Lot.


23) I have three books signed by their author on my bookshelf. One of them is even made out to "Rachel". :c)


24) One of my favorite memories of growing up was spending Saturday afternoons reading entire "Great Illustrated Classics" novels.


25) My Kryptonite is the library book sale. I loose my freaking mind every single time I walk into one. 



That's about it for the moment. I hope we'll be the best of friends and have many fantastic literary discussions. :c)